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Jersey Pottery Cremona Ceramic Collection

Cremona is the perfect way to serve cheese whether for a casual lunch or as part of a sophisticated dinner. Named after Mostarda di Cremona, an Italian fruit chutney often served with cheese, this Jersey Pottery collection with hand-placed fig and apple designs comprises a cheese and fruit platter, a side dish and a versatile salad, bread or fruit bowls.

The Cremona range by Jersey Pottery, consisting of a cheese platter, side plate and large pottery bowl, makes the perfect anniversary gift, wedding gift or birthday present for the turophile (cheese lover) in your life. Add Cremona to your wedding list as part of your Jersey Pottery collection. Ideal for a quick casual supper in front of the TV or to serve a beautiful plate of artisanal cheeses at the end of a meal. The large pottery platter can also be used as a canapé serving dish for any occasion. If you are in the market to buy pottery online then take a look at Cremona.

Jersey Pottery Cremona Ceramic Collection